Nicolas Gaillard

Marthe du Verger

Possibly a merchant. Married Marthe du Verger in Saint Malo on 1 September 1701. All of their 15 children were baptized in Saint Malo. They were:

(1) Marthe Michelle. Baptized on 29 June 1702. Godfather was Sieur Michel Mallet; godmother was Marthe du Puy.

(2) Nicolas. Baptized on 24 August 1703. Godfather was Nicolas du Verger; godmother was Nicole du Verger.

(3) Marthe. Baptized on 28 November 1704. Godfather was St. Guy Lemarie, Sieur of Rosais; godmother was Miss Armelle Gaillard.

(4) René Bernard. Baptized on 23 November 1705. Godfather was ---Lemarie, Sieur du Clos; godmother was Bernadine Potier, Dame du Puy.

(5) Servan Guillaume. Baptized on 13 March 1707. Godfather was Servan François, Sieur de Rosé ; godmother was Guillemette du Verger.

(6) Olive. Baptized on 6 May 1708.

(7) Jeanne. Baptized on 21 August 1709. Godfather was St. Julian du Verger; godmother was Nicole du Verger, Dame de Rosé.

(8) Marie. Baptized on 5 December 1710.

(9) Anne. Baptized on 10 March 1712.

(10) Helene Olive. Baptized on 29 October 1713.

(11) Marie Madeleine. Baptized on 13 November 1714. Became a nun of the Order of the Benedictine de L'abbaye de Caen in Normandy. Was also the godmother (in absentee) of René's son, Honoré-Marie, the founder of the St. Lucian branch of the Gaillard family.

(12) Jacques. Baptized on 18 March 1717. Godfather was Sieur Nicolas Gaillard, his brother; godmother was Marthe Gaillard, his sister.

(13) Jean. Baptized on 16 June 1718. Godfather was Sieur René Bernard Gaillard; godmother was Julienne Lemarie.

(14) Jean Baptiste. Baptized on 25 June 1720.

(15) A daughter died at birth on 2 January 1722. Her mother Marthe died 27 days later.

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