Marie Elizabeth Gaillard
Ernest Alonso Foster

Marie Elizabeth. Born on 30 November 1915. Died on 21 April 1992. Housewife for most of her life but around 1950 took over management of her parents' Millet estate.

Married Ernest Alonso Foster in January 1933. They had 6 children:

(1) John Ernest Vernon

(2) Lorna Eudora Janet.

(3) Céline Essena Bridgit (Author of this publication)

(4) Lowell Anthony Powell (alias Joey). Died in 1997.

(5) Patricia Agnes Rosalie*.

(6) Winston Emmanuel.

* Patricia Foster-Perkins and Herbert Perkins PhD are the parents of Shanti Perkins-Gayle M.D., Maya Janaan Perkins (law student) and Ian Perkins (Cinema photography student).

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