Jacques Gaillard
Jeanne Prodhomme of Laignelet

Jacques Gaillard. Merchant. Married Jeanne Prodhomme of Laignelet; she died before 1701. All of their children were born in Laignelet. They were:

(1) Nicolas. Baptized on 11 May 1672. Godfather was Nicolas Gaillard. Godmother was Jean Tropor.

(2) Jean. Baptized on 20 March 1676. Godfather was Jean Prodhomme; godmother was Françoise Prodhomme. Jean later became Jean de la Bouëxière in addition to buying the titles of Seigneur de Lagny de la Marseille, and Counsellor Secretary of the King . His daughter Marie-Anne Françoise married Jean Hycinthe Hocquart (1694-1764), Seigneur de Montfermeil and de Coubron.

(3) Armelle. Baptized on 6 December 1677. Godfather was Michel Graine, Sieur of the Chararie. (Godmother's name is not legible)

(4) Jacques. Baptized on 23 September 1678.

(5) Jeanne. Baptized on 28 April 1680. Godfather was Nicolas Gaillard; godmother was Jeanne Prodhomme.

(6) François. Baptized on 6 January 1682. Here his father is mentioned as "Honest man Jacques Gaillard, merchant".

(7) Andrée. Baptized on 22 May 1685. Godfather was Coudray, Sieur of the Boubetillière. Godmother was Andrée Goudot.

(8) Françoise. Baptized on 13 April 1688. Godfather was Jean Gaillard; godmother was Françoise Prodhomme.

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