Nicolas Gaillard
Wife: Guyonne Lorie

         Nicolas Gaillard.  He was born around 1614 and married Guyonne Lorie. He died in Laignelet on 1 May 1676.  In the obligatory inventory of his possessions after his death he is identified as a merchant.  There too his parents are identified as Thomas Gaillard (merchant) and Claude Baudry who lived in Fougères. Witnesses at his burial were his son Jacques Gaillard and his son's wife Jeanne Prodhomme. 

Nicolas and Guyonne had at least 7 children:  

(1).            Marie.  She was baptized on 20 May 1639.  Her godfather's name is not legible.  Godmother was Marie Lorie.

(2).            Claude.  She was baptized on 30 July 1641.

(3).            Thomas.  He was baptized on 12 July 1643.  Godfather was Thomas Gaillard, his paternal grandfather and his godmother was Jeanne Gonne.

(4).            Jacques.  He was baptized on 1 October 1644.  He married Jeanne Prodhomme.

(5).            Jeanne.  She was baptized on 4 January 1648.  Her godmother was Jeanne Gaillard and her godfather was Pierre Brodin.

(6).            Françoise.  She was baptized on 17 May 1649.  Her godfather was François Gaillard and her godmother was Honorable Françoise Murad.

(7).            Pérenne.  She was baptized on 17 March 1657.  Her godfather was Mathurin Vaud and her godmother was Pérenne Savary

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