Honoré Marie de Gaillard-Laubenque.
Marie Angélique Varin

Marine Officer in the service of the King. Chevalier of the Order of St. Louis, 1783. Major Commandant of Castries, St. Lucia, 1785. Major Commandant of Fort Royal and Fort Bourbon, Martinique, 1786 - 1793. Born at Place de la Bourse, Toulouse on 19 July 1747. Died in Soufriére, St. Lucia after 1830. Married Marie Angélique Varin in St. Lucia on 23 September 1783. They had:

(1) Louis Honoré Pierre Gaillard de Laubenque.

(2) Charles Marie Gaillard de Laubenque. Born in Martinique on 28 August 1786. Sugar planter and owner of the Malgrétout Estate in Soufriére, St. Lucia. Justice of the Peace. Married Marie Thérèse Isabelle d'Encausse de Labatut (alias Aurore). Died in St. Lucia after 1867.

(3) Marie Louise Renée Gaillard de Laubenque. Married Chaumonot. Died after 1858.

(4) A girl child born on 25 September 1788. Died in Martinique in infancy.

(5) Louis Marie René Gaillard de Laubenque. Baptized on 25 August 1789. Died in Martinique in infancy.

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