"The 19th century Gaillard de Laubenque family
of France and St. Lucia"

Table of Contents

Editor's foreword.--vii.


Chapter 1: The Gaillard family, beginning in the 17th century. --p1.

Chapter 2: René Bernard de Gaillard and his wife Claire d'Agède. --p9.

Chapter 3: Honoré-Marie de Gaillard de Laubenque and his wife Angelique Varin. --p21.

Chapter 4: Gaillards of 19th century St. Lucia.

(I): The Gaillard-Laubenque family of Laborie --p37.
(II): The Gaillard-Laubenque family of Soufrière, --p51.
(III): Marie Louise Renée Chaumonot (née Gaillard-Laubenque), --p59.
(IV): Jules de Gaillard-Laubenque, Elphise Cadet and their family--p60.
(V): Other 19th century Gaillard families in St. Lucia. --p68.
(VI): The unknown Gaillard--p69.

Chapter 5: The Gaillard-Laubenque letters: --p70.

(I): August 1847 - February 1853, --p72
(II): July 1853 - February 1855, --p126.
(III): January 1856 - June1858, --p144.
(IV): August 1858 - May 1867, --p200.

Chapter 6: Who is left?--p247.

Appendix 1: Description of the Frouzins domain. --p254.
Appendix II: Selected name index. --p258.