Céline Foster Walker

(Author of this work)

Céline Walker obtained an undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois and went on to obtain a Master¹s degree in Library and Information Sciences from the University of Southern California.

She moved to Stanford University in the 1970¹s where she obtained a diploma in Academic Management. At Stanford she held the position of Chief of Science and Technical Libraries and was awarded a tenure position on the Academic Staff.

Walker was a Visiting Professor at the University of California, Berkeley (1981 and 1982 winter semesters).

Walker left Stanford to become the Executive Director of the United Nations Advisory Committee for the Co-ordination of Information Systems in Geneva, Switzerland. She held that position until her early retirement in 1995; following retirement she lived for six years in Toulouse, France.

She is the daughter of the late Ernest and Marie Foster of St. Lucia. Her mother Marie was the daughter of Hippolyte Gaillard who in turn was the son of François Louis Honoré Marie Gaillard de Laubenque and Elphise Cadet.

She presently lives in California.

e-mail Céline at celiw9@comcast.net